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Whether you are looking for a permanent home for yourself or planning to invest in real estate, a builder’s floor is a perfect choice when it comes to looking for a perfect place in this city with a soul. It is almost impossible to find a private home with a low-rise payment that gives you the feeling of living in a personal apartment.

A builder’s floor in Gurgaon could be a very good choice in so many ways. Firstly, it’s a great choice for those who fancy a permanent residence at an affordable price. The additional space could be used to design a number of rooms for your family as it grows or could be easily converted into a ‘social headquarters’ if social gatherings are your thing. Since you wouldn’t have any neighbours, you have complete freedom to design your house as you want without any interference or protest. This sense of privacy could be really surreal considering our busy lives and many people long for this level of freedom. Also, since the builder floor has less space and amenities, it also keeps your long-term cost low making them affordable.

The vast majority of malls, restaurants, and commercial districts make for very good hangout spots, letting you stay connected with them. With Gurgaon having an abundance of reputed schools, and hospitals, you could easily move into the independent floor in Gurgaon with your family without ever having to worry about basic necessities. The excellent road infrastructure along with the metro connectivity also makes it a great place to commute to work from.

Quality Services

At Luxury Builder Floors, We take on challenging duties so that you can have peace of mind and a comfortable Home. We believe that in order to excel, tasks must be completed in the most difficult manner imaginable. We invest our time, energy, technology, and effort into building the best Homes for you and future generations. When it comes to the construction of your ideal home, we handle everything. We don’t just deliver or build houses at Luxury Builder Floors; we leverage the development of dream homes to generate relationships, stories, and magic.

Turnkey Construction

Now experience luxury at residences by Luxury Builder Floors, designed by the top architects. Luxury Builder Floors delivers you a fancy and nuanced adobe, fully customized to meet the demands. These projects are designed, developed, and equipped with all facilities and are handed over to the buyer only when they are in a fully operational state.

Turnkey projects demand the involvement of experienced teams and varied knowledge of the latest technologies that can assist with solving complex problems. As a trusted Turnkey construction company in Gurgaon, we, the teams of experts from Luxury Builder Floors, are known for our wide experience and smart use of the right technologies that can help us shape our client’s ideas. Our teams hold responsibilities as General & Turnkey Project Contractors. These teams can conceive ideas, create designs, and develop projects in the finest ways for the clients.

As the best Turnkey construction company in Delhi NCR, we utilize unique methodologies & approaches in construction activities. We offer solutions that focus on achieving their business goals. We stay transparent while communicating and collaborating with our clients, making us a reliable business partner. We always stick to matching high-quality services as per the client’s budget.

Structure Only

Luxury Builder Floors delivers quality even with structure-only prepositions. Our service includes RCC (reinforced cement concrete) framework limited to column, beam, and slab work done. Various structural members such as slabs, beams, columns, and footings are strongly interconnected. In short, the RCC framed structure is basically attached to each other as a unit of the slab, beam, column, and foundation. These structures are capable of resisting various loads such as dead load, live load, dynamic load, wind load, and earthquake load. Technology construction is possible with RCC framed structure that can resist vibration, shock, earthquake, wind load, live load, etc.


Luxury Builder Floors offers you a hand to collaborate and create something unique and exceptional. We are open to tie-ups with landowners to construct their homes. The alliance allows the landowners to get their houses made by professionals who can even help them sell the floors which is a unique combination. It comes with a dual purpose, benefiting all.

With a team strength of 108 in the real estate arm “SATYAM” they provide a unique combination of getting the house build and also helping in selling under one umbrella. One of the reputed construction companies in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR. We undertake House Collaboration in Gurgaon as well as the construction of residential plots on a Turn-Key basis. Luxury Builder Floors is a full-time construction company operating in the NCR Regions of Gurgaon.

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